Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

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Precision Upper Cervical Corrective Health Care is chiropractic procedure that corrects the misalignment of the top vertebrae portion of the spine, atlas and/or axis. By correcting the tilt, shift or rotation of these vertebrae, the effects of many conditions can be minimized and often eliminated entirely.

The human body is a complex creation with a phenomenal ability to heal itself - given the right conditions.

The brain, like a powerful computer system controls and monitors all bodily functions. Brain messages; signals from the brain to the body are the medium used to communicate instructions from the brain to the different body parts. These brain messages move in a vast network of connections, our nervous system, which allows the brain to communicate with even the most remote part of the body.

The atlas is the top or first - single, 2 oz. doughnut-shaped cervical vertebra of the neck, which supports the skull. Nerve fibers numbering in the trillions originating from the brainstem travel through the small opening in atlas and flow down into the spinal column. Due to the slight opening and the close proximity to the brain stem, if the atlas has moved out of position even one degree, two very serious conditions can result.

  1. Body Imbalance

    When the atlas and/or axis are out of their proper position, the head moves off center of the body, creating an imbalance in the body, which extends from head to toe. More weight will shift to one side of the body, which can twist your entire spinal structure, including the pelvis, so that one leg becomes shorter than another.

    To best understand how an imbalance affects the body, let's think about how driving your car when the front end is misaligned. The car no longer responds as it once did. The tires wear out prematurely, the tread wears unevenly, and your car will even use more gasoline until the problem is resolved.

    The same thing is true within your body. Headaches, ADD, joint pain and hundreds of other conditions have been known to respond well to Upper Cervical Health Care. You can keep taking medication, but if your atlas is out of its proper position and causing the problem, it's not going away until your atlas is properly corrected and the bodies' natural balance is restored.

  2. Restricted Brain Messages

    The second serious result of an atlas and/or axis being out of position is the restriction or distortion of critical messages from the brain to all parts of the body. Every cell, organ and tissue that is not receiving adequate nerve energy and communication from the brain will suffer and degenerate.

    For example: Roll your hand into a fist. (This represents your head.) Now, extend your index finger, just as if you were to point at someone. (Your index finger represents your body.) Next, take a rubber band and wrap it tightly around your index finger at the base of the finger where it is attached to your hand. (The rubber band represents your atlas, which is wrapped around the spinal cord, near the brain stem and has moved out of its proper position.) Wait a few minutes.

    Your entire finger will begin to turn white and blue, due to the lack of blood circulation, being restricted by the rubber band. You can massage your finger to temporarily restore circulation. You can inject a syringe with pain medication to stop the pain. In severe cases you can cut off the finger to erase the pain. However, in each case you are only addressing the symptoms of the problem, not the cause. The rubber band is the cause.

    The same thing is true for an atlas that has moved out of proper alignment. It can constrict or distort proper brain messages to organs and limbs throughout the body. Your feet may hurt or you may be having kidney problems, but the cause of the problem may not be in those areas at all, but in your neck where a misaligned atlas is restricting or distorting brain messages to areas throughout the body.

    If your atlas remains out of position for years, degeneration of organ, muscle and cell tissue results. Over time, that could result in serious health issues.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Repositioning the Top Vertebrae Brings Healing

The repositioning of the atlas vertebrae is done by hand or by instrument, depending on the doctor's technique, it feels like a light tap, a brisk thrust, or a soft massage at the side of the neck as the atlas is moved precisely back into its correct position. There are at least 9 different types of Upper Cervical procedures all of which have proven to be effective to one degree or another in removing nerve interference at the brainstem area.

It is vital that your atlas is corrected completely so that it does not interfere with nerve flow from the brain stem to the body. It is the first step to take in preventive as well as crisis health care.

The procedure cures nothing. It simply restores body balance and brain-to-body communication so that organs, limbs and tissues can resume normal functioning. The body is now able to self-heal. That is why we see many different conditions responding to the same procedure.

However, too many of us wait too long to get our atlas corrected. This is mainly due to ignorance of the vital role the atlas plays in the health of the entire body throughout life. It is becoming increasingly clear that parents should have their children's atlas' examined as soon after birth as possible and have periodic atlas check ups throughout their lives. Countless problems could be avoided entirely. A rightly positioned atlas is so fundamental to good health; children to grandparents need to get their atlas examined now.