Nothing Short of a Miracle Stanislaus Chiropractic now offering latest laser technology

For people who experience pain in their daily lives, there is now an alternative to complicated and ineffective treatments. Modesto's own Dr. Gary Hall, D.C. of the Stanislaus Chiropractic Wellness Center is among the first doctors in the Central Valley to offer non-intrusive therapeutic laser treatments with the K-Laser, a remarkable new device for the treatment of acute and chronic pain. So far, the success rate has been above 90 percent.

One patient was so taken by it that he referred to the laser treatments as 'nothing short of a miracle.'
- Dr. Gary Hall

It was through personal experience that Hall began offering the laser treatments in the sprint of last year. His wife sprained her ankle while they were hiking, and it quickly started to swell. After they tried traditional treatments without any success, Hall discussed the condition with his brother, a chiropractor in Sonora who was one of the first doctors to become certified in the use of the K-Laser. His brother suggested that they pay him a visit and try out the new laser for themselves. "He talked about the remarkable results he had been having with it," Hall says. One patient was so taken by it that he referred to the laser treatments as "nothing short of a miracle."

"It was unbelievable what happened next, Hall says. His wife was treated in a standard five-minute session. Almost immediately after the treatment, her ankle's swelling started to subside. She was able to put full weight on the injured ankle. When Hall asked her how much pain she was feeling, she said that she had none. "On our way home, our heads were spinning," he remembers. By the next morning, it was as if the injury had never taken place. "She was up and about, making coffee, moving around," Hall says.

So taken by the results and the potential power of the K-Laser, Hall decided that he, too, wanted to offer the treatments to his clients. So, he became certified in the K-Laser's use within two weeks. "We have been inundated ever since," he says. Many people make an appointment after hearing about a friend or family member's success story from the treatments.

Dr. Gary Hall and Technician Heather Davis use the Class IV Therapeutic laser to alleviate symptoms of arthitis. Dr. Gary Hall and Technician Heather Davis use the Class IV Therapeutic laser to alleviate symptoms of arthritis.

In addition to ankle sprains, laser therapy works well for a variety of other conditions. Arthritis pain, joint pain, muscle pain, nerve pain, neck pain, low back pain, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, shingles, and disk herniations have all been shown to respond positively to the laser treatments. "There are virtually no adverse effects," Hall says.

"Therapeutic lasers" received their first FDA approval back in 2002. Known as "low-level" or "cold" lasers, the early ones were shown to be only minimally effective in the treatment of pain and injuries in clinical trials. But all of that changed with the introduction of K-Laser's, FDA-approved, Class-IV therapeutic laser technology. The power in these Class-IV lasers is up to 1,500 times greater than that of the earlier ones. The new lasers also offer up to 20 times the penetration depth without creating discomfort for the patients.

Stanislaus Chiropractic Wellness Center Stanislaus Chiropractic Wellness Center

One way that Dr. Hall has seen the power of the laser at work is through discussions with other doctors who are using them. "What's remarkable about this laser in that we're all getting the same results," he says, calling the laser the "most remarkable technology development" he has seen in 32 years of work.

Dr. Hall has more than 40 years of chiropractic experience. He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as auto and work related injuries. Stanislaus Chiropractic Wellness Center provides pain management programs designed to improve physical function and alleviate pain. All doctors and technicians are certified and trained in the latest techniques and have access to state-of-the-art equipment.

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This article was originally published in The Modesto Bee on October 9, 2007